Thursday, May 28, 2020

Why I Sew Cute Washable Face Masks for Women

I started making face masks because there was not enough face masks for each medical staff at the nursing home where my sister-n-law works. I spent 2 days watching YouTube videos on how to make cloth face masks that were washable. There was an abundance of free patterns and tutorials from all over the world on the Internet.

Making my first mask felt blissful because the sound of the sewing machine drowned out the negative thoughts in my head about the corona virus. The sewing machine foot marching against its metal ground alleviated my anxiety about the conspiracy theories about alien sightings who were believed to have inflicted humans with COVID 19, and the 1 percent spraying the virus over the neighborhoods of people of color; and soothed my heart because I felt like I was doing something positive to help someone…  especially the anxious voice in my head.

Fretting over the reversible pattern that no one could see on the other side of the fabric face mask and sewing buttons, rhinestones, miniature bows, and tiny roses on certain fashion face masks styles for men and women calmed my nerves. 

What I enjoy the most about making unique, pretty fashion face masks for adult  men and women is spraying each mask with 91% proof alcohol, rose water, and Florida water to cleanse any negative energy or germs, and to imbue it with the vibration of love, peace, harmony, abundance and joy  for the person it is intended for.

I never rush while making a mask and I will remake it as many times as necessary so that it feels right. I think it is so important to saturate each mask with positive energy because it is covering a person’s mouth that is a part of their throat chakra. Our throat chakra is also called out 5th chakra is responsible for internal and external communication with our authentic selves; expression of our unique purpose and creativity; as well as, our ability to be discerning and honest with ourselves and others.

Each handmade face mask I am called to make is an honor and I treat it as such.
Check out my Etsy Store for  more face masks.
Jungle Beauty Goddess Sinai modeling the money mask.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Why You Have 0 Zero Friends Pick A Card Reading

Playing the victim is such a beautiful place to reside and hide from our own flaws, imperfections,  & weaknesses and blame the world for our problems. I love it there. It is such a comforting, wonderful ,and blissful state of being to never take time to access our own accountability for our actions and re-actions to others.

I think in the Movie the Lion King, they coined the term, “Hakuna Matata” meaning no worries for the rest of your life to describe this place to which I am referring to. I also wonder if this place is around the corner from Utopia, or 2 blocks down the street from Heaven?

While doing this Pick A Card, Tarot Reading, “Why You Have No Friends” sadly and embarrassingly …I saw myself in each spread. (Just for the record—Thank God—I do have very very dear friends that I would trade for the world) I have been on both sides of the coin for each Butterfly Color pile.

Dumbledore, warned Harry Potter that the truth can be devastating. I don’t remember the exact quote. The point is when we dabble in truth…we can’t be afraid to look in the mirror. I hope you find value in this Jungle Beauty Goddess Oracle Reading—Thank you so much for watching.

Select a butterfly that resonates with your spirit for your message or listen to all of them for inspiration and insight into human nature.

Pay attention to the words on the cards because you may have a different interpretation of the message than the one given to me.

Yellow Butterfly ~ 1:39
Hot Pink Butterfly ~ 10:03
Blue Butterfly ~ 17:37
Lavender / Purple Butterfly ~ 25:09

Friday, June 21, 2019

Pick A Card – How Do They Feel About Me – YouTube Series - Tarot Reading

When I was in my late teens, twenties, and thirties, my finding love, keeping love, and enhancing love dominated my every thought. When we are in the spring season of our lifetime, we want to use our Earth bodies to experience the physical love of connecting our earth suites to another human. We obsess over what our earth suit look like and feel like.

When we are obsessed with finding a romantic partner we constantly ask ourselves, “How do they feel about me?, Will He marry me?; Will we get back together? Is it over?; Do They Love Me?

Using  my Jungle Beauty Goddess Oracle / Tarot Cards, I have created several  Pick A Card, Tarot readings to help you sort through your feelings, about “How Does He Feel About Me?”

Can You Trust Them🔍 – Pick A Card🔮 – Can I Trust Them🔍😳 - Tarot Card Reading


Please remember that these are general readings not attuned to your specific vibration, therefore you may not feel that the information applies to your specific situation. 

Remember these Tarot Card readings are for entertainment purposes and that you my Dolling… have unlimited potential realities at any given moment based on your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that can change your outcome at any given moment.

Pick A Card Tarot - Will They Leave Them for Me - Will They Leave Them for You - Oracle

Take a moment to  ground your spirit before selecting a butterfly color that resonates with your spirit. Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth behind your teeth. Take in a deep breathe to the count of nine, hold it to the count of nine, and release it to the count of nine. Do this 3 times before selecting your butterfly color.

Are You Wife Material – Pick A Card –Does He Want to Commit-Tarot Reading

If you feel called to do so listen to another reading or the entire your video there may be information that resonates with you, or give you more clarity and deeper insight into your situation.

Cassandra  George Sturges

Are They Over You - Pick A Card - Tarot Reading - Do They Miss Me | Is it Over



Are They in Love with Me - Pick a Card Reading - Are They in Love with You - Tarot Reading