Saturday, September 15, 2018

Jungle Beauty Goddess Tarot Cards Meanings

I have created daily affirmation tarot cards for my Jungle Beauty Goddess cloth dolls, who are the main characters in my fantasy science fiction book series. The Jungle Beauty Goddesses are septuplets
(7 babies born at the same time).

Although they were born at the same time, they have completely different personalities, opinions, and views about what is appropriate behavior and how one should execute a successful plan for an optimal outcome.

Each Jungle Beauty Goddess has at least 20 cards all with different saying based on their individual frequencies. I have over 150 daily affirmation cards that I cut out the front and back of each card and pasted them together. I wanted my affirmation tarot cards to have an ancient wisdom type of look and feel. I am very pleased with the way my cards turned out.

I cleansed my JBG Daily Affirmation Reading Cards with sage, and rubbed King Solomon Wisdom Oil around the edges. Each night I place crystals and gemstones on top of them.

I have been practicing doing readings on my family and friends—and they say that the readings have been extremely accurate and useful. 

In this video, I am sharing a few samples of each of the Jungle Beauty Goddess cards and explaining the essence of their different personalities.

If you have a question that you would like for the Jungle Beauty Goddesses to answer, please leave it in the comment box below. I will choose random questions and do a universal reading.

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